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culture and definitely worth a visit. At the Elisenbrunnen, you can taste the water from the Kaiser Spring, which flows out hot from the spring and can be bought at a locale nearby. The Phoenix Lake is perfect for warm days to take a dip together with your curvy High-Class Escort Service companion. This, for the locals, holy time of the year is pronounced, on the dot, at the 11th of November at 11:11. From here, you will have a great view of the Netherlands and Aachen. Westphalia awaits you with cultural heritage, modern sights, romantic nature and many great possibilities in the nightlife. With the escort service you will quickly find the perfect escort for your time in Westphalia, whether that would be for an event, a business occasion or any other activity. Essen The city of Essen is home to some of the most famous collections of modern art and photography worldwide, renowned cultural and art institutions as well as the unesco world heritage site Zeche Zollverein.

To this day you can marvel at the many great, and well preserved historical buildings and get to know the city while strolling through the historical parts with your escort. The music ranges from party tunes to house and RnB, making this a place for all musical tastes. Stately limousines are pulling in regularly, elegant ladies stroll past the amply decorated windows and here and there, you might spot a movie or TV celebrity. Dortmund If you are ever in Dortmund, be sure to stroll along the Westenhellweg with the VIP Escort Dortmund Lady, visit the Dortmund U and if you like soccer, explore the German Soccer Museum. You will get to know the exciting cities of NRW from a local perspective and you will see locations and venues that most tourists are not aware. Dusseldorf as a cultural hotspot of Westphalia. Cologne, the city is dominated by the silhouettes of Romance churches and numerous medieval monuments reflecting the city's history since. During the season, you can visit the Rhine Opera, which boasts the largest ensemble in Germany and constantly impresses with great performances. Explore Cologne Beer Tradition, no other German city can claim this many beer variations for its own.

Get a taste for the top-fermented beer from the brewery and feast on hearty specialties, such as the Aachener Sauerbraten or the Aachener Blutwurst. As part of the casino, you will find selected bars, where you can strengthen yourself with a coffee or celebrate your recent winnings with champagne. Enjoy healing springs at the Elisenbrunnen. The Cathedral is visible from all around the city, thanks to its height of 157 meters and serves as a good point of orientation. Dishes from the international cuisine are on offer as well, and they seem to taste even more amazing with the unique atmosphere of this brewery. The fascinating architecture, and the fact that the cathedral was the crowning site of many kings, as well as the fact that Karl der Große was buried here, make this sight a very attractive one. Six Roulette Tables, Black Jack, Poker and Slot Machines await in a neat ambience, ready to grant you an unforgettable night of gambling.

Even in the historic part of the city, you will find iconic boutiques, where you will surely find something unique. If you feel like exploring the Cologne beer tradition, you can stroll along the Brewery Trail through the historic city and get to see a few of the local breweries. The weekends are for lover of Hip Hop and Electro. Here are our top five recommendations. You can choose from many different routes. A favorite of your escort lady will be the chocolate museum, close to the Rheinaufhafen, a true paradise for all sweet tooths. The structure around the fountain was built in the 19th century in a Greek style. Westphalia (NRW) has beautiful sights and marvelous plazas to explore on a trip like this. The major Rhine city has a lot in store for visitors.


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International flair in the country trijunction. Sway to and fro with your escort lady and take in the cheerful atmosphere. Dusseldorf - Elegance in the capital of Westphalia. Unesco declared the Cologne Cathedral a world heritage sight, and it can be visited daily. Why not stop by together with your escort and watch a play or two.

The city of Aachen has hot and sulfurous healing springs, which were very popular with the Romans already. Along with great Kolsch Beer, you can feast on Cologne specialties. Should you prefer a more elegant atmosphere, then the unique Ice Bar at the Hilton Cologne is a great pick. Take a stroll down the Immermannstraße. A cheerful evening with your escort lady is to be had at the Boulevard theater Komodie at the Steinstraße or at the Theater an der. A student bar at the Zulpicher Platz, established back in 1968, which is a favorite among students, especially because of the prices. Cologne - Enjoy Rheinland merriment in the heart of Westphalia. Definitely pay the Nachresidenz a visit, which is a insider tipp for celebrities as well.

After that, you and your escort deserve a savory meal and refreshments, of which the quaint tavern nearby has plenty on offer, as well as a ample terrace. Explore the most beautiful cities in Westphalia. Simply romantic - a cruise on the Rhine. Bonn Bonn was the capital of West Germany before the unification. The oldest church of Dusseldorf for example, the.

Take a stroll through the city. A word of advice: You will be served a fresh beer instantly, unless you put a beermat on your glass. In central Cologne, there are many important sights to see within a small radius, making them easy to reach on foot. High Class Escort North Rhine-Westphalia, westphalia, because of the Rhein-Ruhr region, is one of the largest and most populated state in Germany and it is a very important industrial and economical region. The Greek architecture style can be found again at the citys theater, which is just on the opposite side. After a long and eventful day, the lady will of course accompany you to your room and will take you to a world of sensual excitement.

Why not get a small gift for your. After that, enjoy a delicious meal at one of the countless gourmet restaurants in the city and see, where the evening takes you. Feel like going out for a glamorous night? The music is Disco to Groove and makes this venue a great experience for all ages. Follow the trail up the mountain and walk up the wooden Wilhelminaturm. Are you interested in modern art? A favorite venue with a long tradition is the Das Ding. Then the Aachen Casino is a prime destination. Nightlife in Dusseldorf, the Dusseldorf nightlife is varied and you can experience a lot, from quaint locales to the current hot clubs and discos. The bar is made of ice and for drinks you get to choose from over 130 different vodka varieties, served in ice tumblers.

When you are in Cologne during the carnival you can expect the city to be packed with joy, laughter and euphoria. Especially romantic are the cruises on ships with activities, such as a night tour, where you get to take it to the dancefloor or have a gripping dinner, while watching the top German crime series Tatort. Dusseldorf, the fashion capital is famous for is shopping boulevard Königsallee. From pig knuckles to the best fries in all of Westphalia, everyone will find something to their taste here. Should you want to climb the mountain, you will be rewarded with an amazing panoramic view over the treetops, from the 34 meters high Balduin Tower. The cultural experiences here are very varied here and offer a plenty of occasions to discover something new. It is the center of fashionable elegance in Westphalia, where the Jet Set goes shopping as well. The historic city prides itself to have the longest bar counter of the world, which stretches on through 260 taverns and pubs.

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