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secret erfahrungsbericht krems lund

Magnetic Systems with Reduced Dimensions, Berlin/D (invited. Majer: " Inducing coherent oscillations between a superconducting resonator and an ensemble of NV spins. Diebold : " Interaction of Water with Well-Characterized Oxide Surfaces Talk: Colloquium, Ludwig-Maximillian University Munich, München/Germany;. Salzborn: " Status of the new.5 GHz "all-permanent" ecris sophie Poster: 3rd Annual leif Meeting, Igls/Tirol;. Aumayr: " The effect of conductivity on ion guiding through tapered insulating capillaries Poster: 11th European Conference on Atoms, Molecules and Photons 2013 (ecamp-11 Aarhus University/Denmark;. Bernard-Schwarz: " Real-Time control on single atoms in: " Proc. Varga : " Alumina Nanomesh: A Template for Highly Ordered Fe and Co Cluster Growth Talk: Seminarvortrag, riken, Tokyo/Japan;. Aumayr: " Nano-craters due to impact of individual highly charged ions on surfaces and thin films Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 388 (2012 132028. Vernes: " A wavelet filtering method for cumulative gamma spectroscopy used in wear measurements Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 11 (2016 1 -.

Books and Book Editorships. Varga : " Nanostructures at Metal Oxide Surfaces Talk: Symposium on Surface and Nano Science 2013 (ssns'13 Zao/Japan;. Varga: " Pd, Co and Co-Pd clusters on the ordered alumina film on NiAl(110 Contact angle, surface structure and composition Surface Science, 601 (2007. Diebold: " Formaldehyde Adsorption on the Anatase TiO2(101) Surface: Experimental and Theoretical Investigation Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121 (2017. Talk: Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems Summer School 2003, Santa Fe, NM/USA;. Weinberger: " Limitations of the two-media approach in calculating magneto-optical properties of layered systems Physical Review B, 66 (2002. Aumayr: " Threshold and efficiency for perforation of 1 nm thick carbon nanomembranes with slow highly charged ions 2D Materials, 2 (2015. Tökési: " The effect of conductivity on ion guiding through insulating capillaries Poster: 25th International Conference on Atomic Collisions in Solids (icacs-25 Kyoto University, Kyoto/Japan ; in: " Book of Abstracts, icacs-25 (2012. Eurofusion MST1 Team: " Ion heat and momentum transport in the edge pedestal of asdex Upgrade in: " Proc.

Gebeshuber : " Wie bringt die Nanotechnologie Farben zum Leuchten? Traxler: " Plasma-CVD von SiOCN-Schichten auf nitrierten und postoxidierten Stählen Supervisor, Reviewer:. Vernes: " Applicability of Macroscopic Wear and Friction Laws on the Atomic Length Scale Physical Review Letters, 115 (2015 2;. Varga: " Structure of Co-Pd bimetallic clusters on the ordered alumina film on NiAl(110) Poster:. Soc., 48 (2003 898.

Laggner : " Der Stand der Kernfusionsforschung Talk: Rotary Club Feldkirchen-Ossiacher See, Clublokal Gasthof Seitner, Feldkirchen/K;. Koch : " Novel "h-shape" acoustic filter technology applied on yeast cultures Talk: Seminar Institut für Allgemeine Physik (IAP TU Wien;. Weinert: " Observation of ferromagnetic surface of paramagnetic YCo2 Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 100 (2008. Forsich : " 12 month work review of IAP Talk: PC-PCN-SE midterm review meeting, TU Wien;. Diebold : " Adsorption and Reactions at the Anatase (101) Surface Talk: Invited talk, TiO2 cecam Meeting, Bremen/D (invited. Still no English version available - and we refuse to waste our resources to translate. Betz: " Crystallographic analysis of extended defects in diamond-type crystals Nuclear Instruments Methods in Physics Research Section B, 232 (2005. Schütz: " Direct observation of cargo transfer from HDL particles to the plasma membrane Atherosclerosis, 277 (2018 53 -. Setvin : " (Sub)surface oxygen vacancies on TiO2 anatase (101) and O2 adsorption Talk: cost Redox General Meeting 2012, Prague/CZ;. Asdex Upgrade Team: " Characterization of low-frequency inter-ELM modes of H-mode discharges at asdex Upgrade Nuclear Fusion, 58 (2018.

It actually saddens us, in an environmentally-conscious sort of way, that this detritus in the shape of words will be printed, in many copies, for the members of the assembly: toilet paper is destined to a much higher and. Projektforum "Investigation of Bearing Damages due to Electric Currents IAP, TU Wien;. Mohn: " Electronic structure analysis of the pressure induced metamagnetic transition and magnetovolume anomaly in Fe3C-cementite Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 17 (2005. (2006 85 -. Tagung Festkörperanalytik (2007. Winter : " Technik und Naturwissenschaften im Wandel - ist unsere tertiäre Ausbildung noch zeitgemäß? Liska: " A facial preparation and structure property relationship of novel photoinitiators for two -photon photopolymerization Talk: 4th Bratislava Young Polymer Scientists workshop, Bratislava; - ; in: " 4th Bratislava Young Polymer Scientists workshop (2012 isbn: ;.

Gebeshuber : " Nanotechnology Outreach - Make your own shiller colors Talk: 11th NanoTrust Conference Teil 2, TU Wien;. Parkinson : " Water on Iron-Oxide Surfaces; invited talk Talk: European Materials Research Society Fall Meeting, Warsaw/Poland (invited. Werner: " Physics-based Simulation Models for ebsd: Advances and Challenges in: " Proceedings 14th European Workshop on Modern Developments and Applications in Microbeam Analysis (emas 2015 Workshop) emas 2015 Workshop, 2016, 1 -. Gebeshuber : " Die Zukunft der Forschung - die kommenden 50 Jahre; Hauptvortrag Keynote Lecture: Festvortrag 50 Jahre KHG Konstanz, Konstanz/Germany;. Laimer: " Dynamics of Pulsed DC Discharges Used for pacvd of a-C:H:Si ECS Transactions, 25 (2009. Riss : " Single-molecule reactions: imaging chemical bonds and tuning electronic structure Talk: 17th International Conference on non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy, Tsukuba/Japan;.


Gerhold : " Surface Phase Diagram and Reactivity of SrTiO3(110) Talk: Joint Group Seminar Aachen/Jülich-Wien, TU Wien;. Gebeshuber : " Structural colour master stamp (fast and cheap, low-tech high-yield) from Morpho peleides butterfly wings; invited talk Talk: NIL Industrial Day, Parkhotel Schönbrunn, Wien (invited. Franek: " Finite and boundary element method contact mechanics on rough, artificial hip joints Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part J - Journal of Engineering Tribology, 225 (2011 11;. Winter; Institut für Allgemeine Physik, 2005. Aumayr: " H - He(1s2) collisions: ctmc calculations of single ionization and excitation cross sections Poster: 23rd Int. Gebeshuber : " Nanoroboter Talk: Die Woche der freien Bildung, Straßenbahnsonderfahrt (Ringlinie 2 Wien;.

On the Physics of Highly Charged Ions (HCI Caen/F;. Pavelec : " CO2 and Water Adsorption on the Fe3O4(001) Surface Talk:. Hieckel : " Fundamental ab-initio studies of SrRuO3, SrTcO3, and Sr3Ru2O7 including the observation of 001 surface properties concerning Sr3Ru2O7 Talk: Frühjahrstagung und. Drack: " A gaze into the crystal ball: biomimetics in the year 2059 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part C - Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 223 (2009 50st Anniversary Issue;. Smekal: " Effects of elastic scattering and analyzer-acceptance angle on the analysis of angle-resolved X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy data Surface and Interface Analysis, 43 (2011. Polzer: " Heterogeneously Integrated 8x10 Gbps Optical Receiver Supervisor, Reviewer:.

Gebeshuber: " End of Year 2006 Report Report for EU Integrated Infrastructure Initiative ITS leif Joint Research Activity 4 "Production and Characterisation of Gas Phase Biomolecular Targets 2006; 3 pages. Hekele: " Atomic Force Microscopy of Bacillus Subtilis Supervisor:. Diebold : " Surface Investigations of Selected Perovskite Oxides; invited talk Talk: American Physical Society March Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana/USA (invited. Thalhammer: " Snapshots of a Quantum Bouncing Ball realized with the qBounce gravity spectrometer Keynote Lecture: Joint Annual Meeting of the Austrian Physical Society and the Swiss Physical Society 2015, Vienna, Austria;. Diebold : " Surface Structure and Reactivity of Selected Perovskite Oxides Talk: Colloquium, Hubei University, Wuhan/China;. Schütz: " Single Molecule Microscopy in the Life Sciences in: " Fluorescence Microscopy - From Principles to Biological Applications editor: Ulrich Kubitscheck Wiley-Blackwell Weinheim Germany, 2013, isbn. Aumayr: " Structuring of the lithium fluoride surface by highly charged ions in: " Proc. Aumayr: " Ion-induced kinetic electron emission from hopg with different surface orientation Europhys.

Gebeshuber : " Bionik - Lernen von der Natur Talk: Junge Uni Krems, FH Krems/NÖ;. Weinberger: " Influence of the interlayer exchange coupling on the electric transport in Fe/Cr/Fe and Fe/Cr/T/Fe (TMn, V An ab inito study Physical Review B, 68 (2003. Weghuber: " Quantification and Kinetic Analysis of Grb2-egfr Interaction on Micro-Patterned Surfaces for the Characterization of egfr-Modulating Substances PLoS ONE, 9 (2014 3; e921511 - e9215110. Weinmüller: " Numerical Solution of Singular ODE Eigenvalue Problems in Electronic Structure Computations Journal of Computational Physics, 181 (2010. Gärtner: " Characterization of a triode sputter source used for the deposition of inner narrow hollow cylinders Poster: 13th International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering (PSE 2012. Riva : " In-situ atomic-scale control of the pulsed-laser growth of a polar perovskite oxide; contributed talk Talk: 31st European Conference on Surface Science (ecoss-31 Barcelona/Spain;. Schütz : " The TCR is randomly distributed over the plasma membrane of non-activated T cells; invited talk Talk: 7th Wroclaw-Prague Seminar on Biophysics of Lipids, Wroclaw/Poland (invited. Atanelov The magnetic properties of GaFeO3 and the effect of anion and cation doping Talk: Workshop des SFB ViCoM (Vienna Computational Materials Laboratory Stadtschlaining/B;. Arnold : " Temporal Accumulation Analysis Allows Detection of Small Protein Oligomers in the Plasma Membrane Talk: Quantitative BioImaging Conference, Göttingen/Germany;. Aumayr : " Ion-induced erosion of fusion relevant surfaces Talk: Symposium on Surface Science 2009 (3S*09.

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Diebold : " Surface Science Studie of an Iron Oxide Model Catalyst Talk: Seminar University Free State (Part of Eminent Scholar Lecture Series, Catalysis Society of South Africa, catsa Bloemfontein/South Africa;. Gebeshuber : " Materials Talk: best Summer Course Vienna 2007 "Space Engineering - How to build a satellite Wien;. Smekal: " Sample-morphology effects on x-ray photoelectron peak intensities Journal of Vacuum Science Technology B, A 31 (2013 2;. Etz : " Ab-initio magneto-optical properties of bcc Ni/Ni(100) Talk: Science College Seminar, CMS, Wien;. Diebold: " First stages of growth of SrxLa(1-x)MnO3 on SrTiO3(110) by PLD Poster: Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG) Frühjahrstagung 2017, Dresden/Germany;. Parkinson : " Single Atom Catalysis: An Atomic-Scale View; invited talk Talk: Summerschool Nano- and Energyresearch Elstal, University Oldenburg, Oldenburg/Germany;.

Buchsbaum : " Structural and Magnetic Properties of Fe and Co Clusters on Alumina/Ni3Al(111) Talk: Workshop Nanoscience on Surfaces, Burg Schlaining/Burgenland;. Parkinson : " Highly Stable Metal Adatoms on the Fe3O4(001) Surface; invited seminar talk Talk: Max-Planck-Institute for Microstructure Physics, Halle Saale/Deutschland (invited. Schütz : " Presentation of the Ögmbt-study group "Single Molecule Biology" Talk: 4th Ögmbt-Meeting, Graz;. Werner: " In-out asymmetry and interference effects in plasmon excitation by swift charged particles traversing a surface Surface and Interface Analysis, 45 (2013. Schmid: " Single-molecule optical absorption imaging by nanomechanical photothermal sensing pnas - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 115 (2018 44;. Diebold : " Single-atom Processes on Metal Oxide Surfaces Talk: Invited talk, 19th International Vacuum Congress (IVC-19 Paris/France (invited. Baumgart: " Overcoming Blinking Artifacts in Nanocluster Detection with Two-Color storm Poster: 62th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society 2018, San Francisco/USA;. Aumayr: " Interatomic Coulombic Decay - the mechanism for rapid de-excitation of hollow atoms Physical Review Letters, 119 (2017 103401; 1 -. Aumayr: " Projectile energy loss and electron emission for grazing incidence of Arqon LiF(001) Poster: 11th Int. Szabo : " Potential Sputtering Experiments on Mineral Targets Relevant for the Lunar Surface Talk: EGU General Assembly 2019, Wien;.

Asdex Upgrade Team: " High frequency magnetic fluctuations correlated with the inter-ELM pedestal evolution in asdex Upgrade Plasma Phys. Winter : " Influence of particle induced electron emission on the plasma sheath voltage Talk: Hungarian Plasma Physics and Technology Workshop, Visegrad/H;. Diebold : " Structural, Electronic, and Adsorption Properties of the Fe3O4(001) Surface Talk: Invited talk, cecam Workshop Understanding Structure and Functions of Reducible Oxide Systems: A Challenge for 
Theory and Experiment, Zaragoza/Spain (invited. Benes : " Neuer absoluter Viskositätssensor unter Verwendung eines piezoelektrischen Sandwich-Resonators Talk: Informationstagung Mikroelektronik des ÖVE, Wien/AT; 1995; in: " Tagungsberichte ME 95 (1995 isbn: x;. Then, on Thursday, June 13, the United States bishops voted, by a huge majority (194 in favor, 8 against, 3 abstentions to alter the text of the.S. Schmetterer: " Determination of the total retinal blood flow with a dual-beam Doppler Fourier-domain optical coherence tomograph and an integrated Dynamic Vessel Analyser Poster: 10th Young Scientist Association of the Medical University of Vienna (YSA) PhD-Symposium, Wien;. Schmid: " Characterization of Ultrashort Laser Pulses by Third Order Autocorrelation Supervisor:.

Igenbergs: " Cross Section Database for Neutral Sodium Beam Plasma Edge Diagnostics Supervisor:. Husinsky: " Identification of ultra-fast electronic and thermal processes during femtosecond laser ablation of Si Applied Physics A: Materials Science Processing, 109 (2012. Christoph am Arlberg/A; ; in: " Proceedings 3S*16 Symposium on Surface Science 2016 (2016 97 -. Diebold : " News from TiO2: subsurface vacancies, oxygen adsorption, and polarons at TiO2 anatase (101 invited keynote talk Keynote Lecture: International Workshop on Oxide Surfaces (iwox-IX Granlibakken Conference Center, Tahoe City/USA (invited. Danninger; Institut für Angewandte Physik, 2013; oral examination. Binder: " omputer simulation of heterogeneous nucleation of colloidal crystals at planar walls accepted for publication in European Physical Journal - Special Topics. Brameshuber : " Techniques for direct imaging of mobile nanodomains in the live cell plasma membrane Talk: icrea Conference: Visualizing signaling nanoplatforms at a higher spatiotemporal resolution, Barcelona/Spain;. Schneider: " Self-force in 1D electrostatic particle-in-cell codes for non-equidistant grids Contribution to Plasma Physics, 54 (2014.

Igenbergs : " Kernfusion und atomare Daten Talk: Vortrag für eine Schulklasse des Gymnasiums Celle/D, anläßlich der Studienfahrt zum Thema "Energie und Umwelt Celle/D;. Varga: " Structure of Magnetic Ultrathin Films Studied on the Atomic Level Talk: Europ. Vernes : " Ab-initio calculations of magneto-optical properties for semi-infinite inhomogeneous layered systems Talk: Seminar Institut für Allgemeine Physik (IAP TU Wien, IAP;. Köttritsch: " Kooperationsprojekte des IAP mit der SKF Österreich AG; Festvortrag zur Ehrung von. Diebold : " Surface Science: From Single Atoms to Applications; invited talk Talk: Jahressymposium Leopoldina, Halle/Germany (invited. Varga : " Formation and Reduction of Surface Oxides Studied on Atomic Scale Talk: 5th Int. Gebeshuber : " Towards safe biomimetic nanotechnology: Inspirations from Nature; invited talk Talk: 2nd International Conference on Nanotechnology Modeling and Simulation (icnms'17 Barcelona/Spanien (invited. One German woman measured.

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Riss : " Chemical reactions and and electronic structure of single molecules at surfaces Talk: Frühjahrstagung der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft (DPG Dresden/Germany;. Schmid; Institut für Angewandte Physik (E134 2019; final examination. Pechoc : " A data acquisition system based on fpga technology Talk: National Instruments Project Meeting, TU Wien, IAP;. Tskhakaya : " The kinetic SOL: Understanding the sheath physics in tokamaks - progress in PIC modelling; review invited talk Talk: 23st International Conference on Plasma Surface Interactions, Princeton/USA (invited. Ovsianikov: " Evidence of concentration dependence of the two-photon absorption cross section: Determining the true cross section value Optical Materials, 47 (2015. Selloni: " (Sub)Surface Mobility of Oxygen Vacancies at the TiO2 Anatase (101) Surface Physical Review Letters, 109 (2012. Diebold: " Single Molecules of Sexiphenyl on In2O3(111 STM and STS Poster: acritas Workshop "Imaging and Controlling Molecular Assembly Graz;. On Atomically Controlled Surfaces, Interfaces and Nanostructures, Stockholm/S;. Hulva : " Combined Experimental and Computational Study of Water on Fe3O4 (001) Talk: AVS 63rd International Symposium and Exhibition, Nashville/USA;. SEX DURCHSCHNITT DEUTSCHLAND KREMS LUND

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Asdex Upgrade Team: " Global performance enhancements via pedestal optimisation on asdex Upgrade Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 59 (2017. Schütz : " Single Molecule Biology - Studying Movements and Meetings within the Plasma Membrane Talk: Linz Winter School, Linz/OÖ;. On the Structure of Surfaces, München/D;. Sokolovic : " Cleaved SrTiO3 (001) 1x1 surface studied by non-contact atomic force microscopy Talk: 34th European Conference on Surface Science (ecoss34 Arhus/Denmark;. OOK Press Printing House, Veszprém, Hungary, (2010 isbn: ; Paper ID F2010-C-223, 7 pages. Gebeshuber: " Quartalsbericht (finanziell) für wemesurf Marie Curie RTN) -. Störi: " Tiefenprofile einer Dünnschichtsensorprobe Report for EE Elektronik tantra amberg meine begleitung de GmbH; 2005; 1 pages. Moreno Ostertag : " Characterizing the hydrophobic-to-hydrophilic transition of electrolyte structuring at solid/liquid interfaces Talk: International Conference of Colloids and Interfaces, Laibach/Slovenia;.