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Folder Publicity This gallery has public reports from mass media as well as from the projects themselves 45.14 MB Fri 18 of Feb., 2011 1758 Go to
Folder Software GNU software to download 37.72 MB Wed 21 of Apr., 2010 5738 Go to
Folder Videos This contains public videos from SYMBRION community 734.25 MB Wed 27 of May, 2009 8562 Go to
Folder Consortium publications This contains scientific papers published by the consortium 68.87 MB Fri 04 of Mar., 2011 6344 Go to
Folder Scientific papers This contains interesting scientific papers in the area of evolutionary robotics, GA, GP and others 118.76 MB Thu 28 of Apr., 2011 7043 Go to
Folder Descriptions This section contains descriptions of the hardware and software components 57.19 MB Thu 05 of Mar., 2009 5894 Go to