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This contains public videos from SYMBRION community
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BBC_Prague_Robot.mp4 BBC report on the FET conference, part II, Symbrion in BBC 'Click' News 99.10 MB Wed 27 of May, 2009 2430 Download
BBC_FET.mp4 BBC report on the FET conference, part I 89.68 MB Wed 27 of May, 2009 1711 Download
Delta-Symbrion(24-01-08).mpg This is Delta (3SAT channel) report about sexual reproduction experiment and some genetic-based ideas of SYMBRION 57.58 MB Sun 16 of Mar., 2008 2293 Download
ITN(130308).wmv Report from ITN channel, UK "Could we be swarmed by robots?" as well as some analogy to replicators from Star Gate movie 20.73 MB Sun 16 of Mar., 2008 1703 Download
Htech-3sat(20-01-08)Jasmine.mpg TV-Hitec-(3sat channel). This TV report is about optical-pheromone-based and genetic-based experiments with Jasmine robots and some new ideas towards symbriotic robotic life forms. 202.30 MB Thu 24 of Jan., 2008 3383 Download
Hitec3SAT-OnLineGPJasmine.mpg TV-Hitec-(3sat channel). Experiment with on-line and on-board genetic-based evolving of search approach in a swarm of over 50 Jasmine robots. In this experiment the search space is pre-structured by destroying initial behavioural automaton (see more in papers) 41.92 MB Thu 24 of Jan., 2008 2298 Download
NewtonTV(I-Swarm-SYMBRION).mpg This TV-report (done by ORF1) is about bees research and using Jasmine robots as well as about some ideas underlying the SYMBRION project 205.23 MB Thu 24 of Jan., 2008 3413 Download
ArtificialOrganism.wmv Original (2007) demo on artificial multi-robot organisms 17.71 MB Wed 27 of May, 2009 2484 Download